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Key function 1. Optimize the SSD construction mode to increase the speed of starting from the SSD 2. Optimize the graphics card PNP, support the DLSS function, and solve the problem of abnormal CUDA components in some games 3. Optimize support for 2.5G network card to improve data reading efficiency 4. Add the function of automatically downloading and making PNP 5. Increase the display of PNP selection interface usage rate and downloaded logo 6. Optimize and improve the desktop setting function

New features 1. Add the export and import function of Security Center rules 2. Add the function of the client to set the optimal resolution/refresh rate 3. Add the function of filtering and displaying boot tasks 4. Add boot task search function 5. Increase the multi-selection adaptive function of the desktop icon scheme 6. Add the function of applying the desktop icon scheme by mirroring 7. Add display of motherboard BIOS version under client hardware monitoring 8. Add warning log of abnormal restart of client 9. Increase the index progress percentage display when the game is downloading 10. Add the function of directly applying existing solutions to desktop icons/wallpapers 11. Added access to the right-click drop-down menu of resource management to add shortcuts 12. Add desktop wallpaper automatic switching function 13. Add the function of driving PNP drop-down selection box to click sort 14. Add the option of whether to clean up redundant icons in the desktop icon scheme 15. Add the function of quickly copying desktop icons/desktop wallpapers to other groups 16. Add the report and display function of the current resolution of the client/current refresh rate/disk drive letter

Software optimization 1. Optimize the mirror mounting rules to solve the problem of failed mounting failures caused by path changes 2. Optimize the node synchronization database mechanism 3. Optimize the rules for making Disk B and increase the judgment of insufficient remaining space 4. Optimize the display rules of the homepage warning log 5. Optimize the fluency of console batch operation 6. Optimize the guidance prompts for some functions of the Security Center 7. Optimize the display of the console drop-down list box 8. Optimize the icon scheme and add new icon placement rules 9. Optimize the limit of the boot task size and the number of files 10. Optimize the blue screen capture settings, which is not enabled by default during a new installation 11. Optimize the display of the network card shunt setting, and the network card without a network cable is marked red 12. Optimize console operation, support home/end hotkey 13. Optimized desktop wallpaper settings, unified file storage 14. Optimize the rules for synchronizing client file drivers in SSD mode 15. Optimize the compatibility of graphics card PNP with some hardware 16. Optimize the resource download progress display, accurate to two decimal places 17. Optimize the logic of node upgrade files to avoid some file upgrade failures 18. Optimize the synchronization function of the specified game. After setting, you can see the game without waiting for the synchronization to complete the menu. 19. Optimize the DUMP collection switch, the client driver will no longer execute when it is closed (closing can solve some of the blue screen boot problems)

Bug fix 1. Solve the problem that Disk B cannot be created due to damaged INI files 2. Solve the problem that the client process management cannot view the process user 3. Solve the problem of server exception caused by too many personal disk users 4. Solve the problem that the write-back file is not deleted causing the client to boot up abnormally 5. Solve the problem of random failure to sell under certain circumstances 6. Solve the problem of "missing res file" in the running menu under certain circumstances 7. Solve the problem of high CPU usage of the main service under certain circumstances 8. Solve the problem of abnormal display of client warning log 9. Solve the problem that the main service crashes when the node is upgraded under certain circumstances 10. Solve the problem of incomplete data reported to the client after the master and slave switch 11. Solve the problem that the vertical synchronization setting of the AMD graphics card in the console does not take effect 12. Solve the problem of console crash caused by specific settings in Security Center 13. Solve the problem that the desktop solution does not take effect after the main server is abnormal 14. Solve the problem of software update and upgrade file error under certain circumstances 15. Solve the problem of win10 not being released under certain circumstances 16. Solve the problem of the probability of errors in the node synchronization database 17. Solve the problem that MD5 is not added when intercepting the process of adding client information from the client in a specific environment


Key features: 1. Enhance software security 2. Optimize diskless boot, support automatic adaptation of BIOS, UEFI, universal image 3. Add image conversion tool, support to convert BIOS or UEFI image to universal image 4. Increase graphics card texture quality and Setting of low latency mode

Other updates: 5. Optimize the display information collection function 6. Optimize the console navigation icon display 7. Optimize the client startup mirror setting, cancel the BIOS/UEFI setting limit 8. Optimize the SSD mode data synchronization function, support synchronization from the node 9. Optimize the customer super open icon display unit 10. the operation console fluency optimization 11. optimization B mastering logic, reducing the frequency of production 12. optimization game game effect collation set interface 13. the optimization database backup time limit, the maximum not more than 99 days 14 .Optimize desktop wallpaper adding rules. 15. Optimize and increase the speed of B disk production. 16. Optimize the hardware collection module to solve the problem that some hardware can’t collect. 17. Add client 155HZ/170HZ/280HZ refresh rate setting items. 18. Add server management interface Disk read and write speed display 19. Add mouse hover display of hardware details 20. Add the function of resetting the client hardware and temperature record 21. Add the function of customizing the display name of the mirror configuration at startup 22. Fix the batch modification of customers under the 2008 system Machine sound setting, selection box display problem 23. Fix the problem that the search IP result of the driver PNP interface displays incorrectly. 24. Fix the problem that the single configuration restore point reaches the upper limit and affects other configurations to open the super problem. 25. Fix the client computer when set to SSD mode to start The problem that the hard disk cannot be turned on 26. Fix the problem that the limit of the write-back volume affects the upload system of the client 27. Fix the problem that the synchronization speed limit setting display in the initial installation is inconsistent with the actual effect 28. Fix the pure digital client name cannot search for the client The problem 29. Fix the problem that the console ARP protection status is displayed abnormally 30. Fix the problem that the blue screen information cannot be deleted under certain circumstances 31. Fix the problem that the main service crashes under certain situations 32. Fix the problem that the client service gets stuck under certain situations


Key features

Increased mode-locked queue mechanism SSD. Increased G-sync graphics function provided. Increased support for 4K sector hard disc brush plate game. Optimization settings fast shutdown, supports a single configuration. Client ID pool is exhausted mechanisms in case of IP Optimization.

Other updates

Increases confirmation service manager to stop individual services prompt. Increase the functionality of mobile gaming console notification node synchronization. Increase the graphics / sound card PNP Export Import List feature. Increase start-up menu is set to minimize. Increase in power-task files are automatically updated to synchronize node function. Increase client management interface by function MAC address search. Increases server disable all client displays the corresponding boot prompt. Increased gaming configuration interface search function. Increase search client SSD disk game interface. Increase search capabilities are downloading interface. Increase viewing game synchronous The selected number of displays. Increases the display and keyboard and mouse hardware information reporting function. Increases support for third-party diskless. Increases the 280HZ refresh rate setting option. Increases the function of hiding the client B disk. Optimizes console operation fluency. Optimizes game update rules. to 10G will not perform updates. Optimize system resources and PNP resource priority downloading and synchronization. Optimized drivers PNP download status display. Driver selection box maximum display optimized driving the PNP 10. Optimize client management interface, super-user set-top. Optimization blue screen view to start the server display IP server for the boot image. Optimization settings diskless write-back threshold can be set to limit the maximum 999G. Optimized SSD mode console directly from the hard disk to start the status display. Optimization consolidated configuration prompt. Repair can not import a list of specific third-party diskless machine problem. Fix specific Under the circumstances, the program has a memory leak problem. Fix the problem that the node cannot synchronize the mirror in a specific environment. Fix the problem of alien network card PNP production failure. Fix the problem that the process interception does not take effect in certain scenarios. Fix the problem that the SSD mode starts exceeding the write-back threshold. The client does not restart. Fix the problem that the diskless CPU occupancy is high and the boot is slow under certain conditions. Fix specific conditions The problem that the server frequently writes logs is fixed. The problem of the three-layer update report "Failed to download the index ID" is fixed. The problem that the probability of the desktop icon scheme does not take effect is fixed. The client's sound settings are displayed abnormally. Fix the problem that the remaining space is still insufficient to download the game. Fix the problem that all the group shortcuts are still created after setting the group shortcut.


1.Optimization: No game will be updated if remaining disk space is below 10G 2.New: Search function for game effect configuration 3.New: Search function for games on SSD disk 4.New: Search function for downloading list 5.New: Selection count for games being synchronized 6.New: Hiding B disk switch 7.Optimization: System resources and PNP resources are preferentially synchronized 8.Fixed:Unable to collect BSOD DUMP under certain circumstances 9.Fixed:Unable to import the latest version of the machine list of 3rd party software 10.Fixed:Memory leaks in certain situations 11.Fixed:Slave server can't synchronize images under specific environment


Key features

Add upload function of client desktop icon scheme. Added synchronization function according to drive letter. Add SSD mode to support graphics / sound card PNP. Optimize the system compatible startup mode, can be set for a single client. Optimize diskless concurrency and increase the startup speed of multiple clients at the same time.

Other updates

Increase the console "execute client program" function. Increase the display of remaining memory in the server profile. Increase console display client total read and total write-back speed. Increase the batch selection / cancel function of game cleaning. Increase the export / import function of resource list. Added support for importing client list to new version database. Increase motherboard PNP support for hard drives. Increase the client card power management settings. Add three-layer download speed limit option of 100M / 200M / 500M. Increase the progress display of synchronous mirroring. Increase menu DPI auto zoom function. Add client blue screen view interface to display start server. Added countdown auto shutdown function after client SSD construction is completed. Add note description for startup task. Increase the display of the mirror path on the mirror management interface. Added support for importing the client list to the green master. Added the ability to mark the cleanup status of local games. Add personal disk import support for the 2019 version database. Optimized click load sorting at network card load settings. Optimized client list grouping is arranged by name by default. Optimize the login interface to verify rules later. Optimize the startup method of database backup and recovery tools. Optimized drive PNP interface display. Optimized the upper limit of mirror configuration to 256. Optimized driver version selection button of PNP interface. Optimized the scrolling effect display of game icons in the menu. Optimize the desktop setting group display scheme. Optimized the detail display of the server management interface. Optimize the security settings in the system settings visible when entering the password. Optimize the opening of super rules, exceeding the maximum number of restore points will not allow the opening of super rules. Optimized the B disk volume label as "userdisk". Optimize game effect configuration, support registry format file. Optimized the rules of the game storage path, the absolute path supports file name *. * Configuration. Fix mirroring status cannot be displayed under console server management when desktop resolution is 1024 * 768. After repairing the SSD construction, starting the console from the direct hard disk shows that the client is offline. Fix opening USBPNP may cause blue screen on the client. Fix abnormal display of scroll bar operation on server management interface. Fix error when updating specific network card driver version from INF. Fixed the bug that the multi-system menu is not displayed when starting SSD mode after checking the compatibility mode. Fix blur of adding resources manually. Fixed the problem that the SSD may not start after construction in a specific environment. Fix the abnormal display of the shortcut menu when clicking the desktop category under certain circumstances. Fix the problem of menu death in certain environment.

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